Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Predicting the Irrelevant: How Expectation Biases Processing
Alexander Horst von Lautz

Expanding the PDZD7 Interactome: PDZD7 Connects the Usher Protein Complex
to WNT Signaling and Intraflagellar Transport
Leoni A. Creemers

On the Mechanisms of Feature Expectation and Feature-Based Attention
in the Primary Visual Cortex
Lieke L. F. van Lieshout

Inter-Subject Variability in Resting-State fMRI Connectivity Predicts fMRI Activation in a Language Task
Lorijn Zaadnoordijk

Molecular Characterization of FOXP2 in Neurodevelopment and Disorder
Swathi Mookonda Chinnappa

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