Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Freek van Ede

Expectations about upcoming tactile events selectively modulate ß-band oscillations in human primary somatosensory cortex

Anna-Lena Janssen

Effects of DHA-, uridine- and choline- containing diets on synapse number and size, brain metabolism and behaviour in APP/PS1 Alzheimer mice

Roemer van der Meij

Rhinal and hippocampal gamma power during retrieval decreases when encoding occurs before and after sleep

Joost Rommers

Semantic expectancy in the comprehension of idiomatic expressions: an ERP study

Eelke Spaak

Hippocampal theta modulation of neocortical spike times and gamma rhythm

Maren Urner

Genetic variation of the alpha2b-adrenoceptor affects neural correlates of successful emotional memory formation

Full text of the fifth issue can be downloaded here:

CNS Journal - 5th Issue(1629 Kb) (pdf, 1,6 MB)