Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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You can download the pdf file of issue 14.1, containing all of the below listed theses, from here (pdf, 5 MB).

An electrophysiological perspective on the resolution of anaphoric dependencies: Evidence from event-related potentials and neural oscillations
Cas Coopmans

Print version (pdf, 1,3 MB)

Enhanced spatial navigation skills in sequence-space synesthetes
Eline van Petersen

Print version (pdf, 746 kB)

Beta-band desynchronization reflects competition between movement plans of the left and right hand
Milou van Helvert

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Relationship between language and music processing: Evidence from cross linguistic influence on rhythmic and melodic perception
Mrudula Arunkumar

Print version (pdf, 568 kB)

Across-Session Consistency of Context-Dependent Language Processing: Towards a Clinical Tool
Natascha Roos

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P300 Versus MMN: The Clinical Potential of ERP Components to Assess Auditory Discrimination Abilities in Cochlear Implant Users
Rosanne Abrahamse

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