Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Guidelines for Thesis Submission

All students of the Cognitive Neuroscience Master's Programme at Radboud University are REQUIRED to submit a version of their final thesis to the CNS student journal.  All submissions will be published in the web edition of the journal, and theses of the highest quality will be selected to be published in one of the bi-annual print editions. If you do not want your thesis to be considered for the print version of the journal, we urge you to nevertheless submit your abstract, as all abstracts will be supplemented in the print version of the journal.

Submissions are reviewed by one senior reviewer and at least one student reviewer.  The senior reviewer is an expert in the appropriate field selected from Radboud University or one of it's affiliates (Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour; Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics).  The student reviewer(s) is/are selected from the current pool of CNS Master's students at Radboud University.

Upon completion of the review process, a final decision is made by the CNS Journal Committee as a whole.  Editors for each field of interest present the strongest possible case for each article submitted in their field, based on the reviews they have received.  Successful submissions are published in the print edition ON CONDITION THAT the author makes the necessary changes suggested by the editors, based on feedback from the review process.  Articles which are not published in the print edition are automatically published in the web-edition, but authors are strongly encouraged to make any changes suggested by the editors, in order to ensure the highest possible quality for the articles in both the print and web-editions.

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Simultaneous Publication in the CNS Journal & International Scientific Journals

We have been informed by the program director Prof. dr. Ardi Roelofs and others that the status of the CNS Journal does NOT prohibit students from submitting their work to other nationally or internationally recognized journals, or elsewhere, for publication.  The CNS Journal functions as an archive of the theses of the Cognitive Neuroscience Master's at the Radboud University, which is comparable to an archive of proceedings of a congress, society, or other university education program. Therefore, publication in such a medium does not prohibit a submission to an internationally recognized journal in any field of research.

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