Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Unrevised theses from issue 15.1:

Ronny Bujok
Adaptation to Accents by learning from Mistakes - Event Related Potentials during error-based Phonological Learning
Original thesis (pdf, 543 kB)

Demi Ennen
The effect of an active-controlled 8-week Mindful Eating intervention on food-related attentional control 
Original thesis (pdf, 270 kB)

Sofia Fregni
An exploratory fMRI study on metonymy and metaphor processing 
Original thesis (pdf, 4 MB)

Noor van Vugt
Hypomyelination of interneurons in the APO-SUS rat model for schizophrenia
Original thesis (pdf, 1,1 MB)

Abstract only:

Katarina Menn
Speech Tracking in Infants with (Family History of) Autism 
Abstract (pdf, 97 kB)

The articles for the web edition were not revised as part of the editorial process.