Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Unrevised theses from issue 12.2:

Ruben van den Bosch
Neural Mechanisms of Action-Selective and Stimulus-Selective Stopping
Original thesis (pdf, 11 MB)

Claudia van Dun
Reactivation of Complex Events and Preactivation in Humans
Original thesis (pdf, 300 kB)

Anne Gerrits
Predicting Movement in Real-Time: From Brain to Subjective Experience
Original thesis (pdf, 1 MB)

Sarit Hashkes
One Self, Too Many Tasks: Bimanual Interference from a Predictive Coding Framework
Original thesis (pdf, 1,1 MB)

Jerome Herpers
Frequency Tagging at High Frequencies in Downstream Areas Under Influence of Attention
Original thesis (pdf, 1,5 MB)

Kalliopi Ioumpa
Differential Prosocial Behaviour Without Altered Physical Responses in Mirror Sensory Synesthesia
Original thesis (pdf, 6,9 MB)

Sara Jamil
Early life stress induces persistent alteration in endocannabinoid system and leads to dysfunctional modulation of emotional memory retrieval
Original thesis (pdf, 684 kB)

Danai Papadopetraki
Quantifying the Subjective Value of Distinct Working Memory Processes
Original thesis (pdf, 7,5 MB)

Mary Vlassopoulou
Characterization of age-related myelination deficits in a rat model for schizophrenia
Original thesis (pdf, 1,3 MB)

Monica Wagner
Listening in the Wrong Language: The Role of Language Dominance and Accent in Cross-Language Speech Misperceptions
Original thesis (pdf, 8,9 MB)

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