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Unrevised theses from issue 13.1:

Adrian Jodzio
Acquisition of Novel Concept Spaces
Original thesis (pdf, 11 MB)

Alexis Joyaux
Towards layer specific fMRI: investigating feed forward and feedback processing in area V5/MT
Original thesis (pdf, 1,2 MB)

Margot Heijmans
Structural integrity of midbrain nuclei in tremor-dominant and non-tremor Parkinson's disease
Original thesis (pdf, 741 kB)

Thijs Trompenaars
Relative Clauses in Context
Original thesis (pdf, 825 kB)

Abstract only:

Elisavet Vasileiou
The role of suboptimal mitochondrial function in stress adaptation and depression pathogenesis
Abstract (docx, 14 kB)

Lieke Bakker
Interaction of Stroke and Alzheimer's disease in the APPswe/PS1dE9 Mouse Model
Abstract (docx, 14 kB)

Patricia Romero Verdugo
Mechanisms of activity modulation in V1 during illusory shape perception: predictions or amodal completion?
Abstract (docx, 13 kB)

Rozemarijn Erdbrink
Habit Propensity as a Vulnerability Factor for Dependence in Experimentally Smoking Adolescents and Non-Smoking Controls
Abstract (docx, 13 kB)

Victoria Heng
Sex Differences in Affective Processing
Abstract (docx, 14 kB)

Yannick Murray
Spatiotemporal Context-Generalization of Object Category Representations during Fear Conditioning
Abstract (docx, 14 kB)

The articles for the web edition were not revised as part of the editorial process.