Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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Unrevised theses from issue 14.1:

Myrte Druyvesteyn
Luminance contrast modulation of spatial frequency VEPs in 5-year-old children  
Original thesis (pdf, 590 kB)

Stefano Gentili
Computational-level analysis of insight problem solving  
Original thesis (pdf, 883 kB)

Clara Grabitz
Creativity and ADHD traits: Exploring the underlying Neurobiology 
Original thesis

Yingdi Xie
Spectrotemporal Modulation Sensitivity in Developmental Dyslexia
Original thesis

Kees van Rooijen
A Bayesian Account for Estimating the Number of Neurons during Spike Sorting
Original thesis (pdf, 226 kB)

Cansu Egitimci
Elucidating the diagnostic, therapeutic and mechanistic implications of stroke in Alzheimer’s disease
Original thesis

Lennart van Melis
Neuronal activity patterns associated with a traumatic experience in PTSD-vulnerable and -resilient mice
Original thesis (pdf, 699 kB)

Kelly van Egmond
Neurocognitive mechanisms of smoking cue-reactivity and inhibitory control in novice smoking adolescents
Original thesis (pdf, 699 kB)

Abstract only:

Laura Giglio
The Role of Prediction Disconfirmation in Language Comprehension and its Consequences for Memory
Original thesis (pdf, 38 kB)

Anneloes Hulsman
Psychobiological Mechanisms of Costly Avoidance Behaviour
Original thesis (pdf, 124 kB)

The articles for the web edition were not revised as part of the editorial process.