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You can download the PDF file of issue 16.1, containing all of the below listed theses, here (pdf, 24 MB).

Measuring Real-World Head Orientation Priors With Naturalistic Motion Tracking in a Bayesian Multisensory Integration Framework
Lucas Billen

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Hyperrealistic Neural Decoding: Reconstruction of Face Stimuli From FMRI Measurements via the GAN Latent Space
Thirza Dado

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Active Sensing Through Oscillatory Synchronisation: A Possible Mechanism for Filtering and Amplifying Input in Both Humans and Artificial Cognitive Agents
Djamari Oetringer

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Effect of Eye Closure on Anticipatory Somatosensory Alpha Oscillations
Corinne Orlemann

Print Version (pdf, 1,6 MB)

A Study of Laminar fMRI and Directed Connectivity During Sentence Processing: A Pilot Study
Lenno R. P. T. Ruijters

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The Combined Effects of Alzheimer’s Disease, Stroke and Gender on Aβ Burden and Synaptic Density
Minou Verhaeg

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