Master's Programme in Cognitive Neuroscience
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You can download the PDF file of issue 15.1, containing all of the below listed theses, from here (pdf, 7,8 MB).

Influencing Social-Emotional Actions: The Effect of Theta-Gamma Coupled tACS on Social-Emotional Actions and aPFC-M1 Functional Connectivity
Amy Abelmann

Print version (pdf, 1,3 MB)

Unravelling the Neurocognitive Mechanisms Underlying Counter-Conditioning 
Jette de Vos

Print version (pdf, 2,1 MB)

Conflict-Related Theta Activity in the Midfrontal Cortex: An Electrophysiological Rodent Model for Response Conflict
Jordi ter Horst

Print version (pdf, 1,7 MB)

The Role of Ventral Fibre Pathway in Language Production in Health and Disease
Margot Mangnus

Print version (pdf, 1,2 MB)

Quantified Sleep: Single-Subject Study on Weekly Variation of Sleep Quality and Quantity in Regard to Well-Being Across one Year
Sebastian Idesis

Print version (pdf, 3 MB)

Task-Potency Investigations in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Tristan Looden

Print version (pdf, 1,7 MB)

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