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Please complete the following form in order to submit your article for publication. If you are still busy working on the final version of your thesis, but anticipate that it will be completed in time to be considered for publication in the current issue (see Agenda for deadlines), please complete this form and submit an abstract. If you cannot submit a completed article by the advertised deadline, your article cannot be considered for publication in the current edition. Any questions or concerns should be addressed to the appropriate editor (see Team & Contact).

Please note the following:

  1. Theses that are not submitted as text document with separate high quality figures cannot be laid out for the printed or the web version of the Journal! Please, make sure that you submit a full version of your thesis as a word document.
  2. There is a 6.5 Mb maximum upload limit. So please make sure that the total size of your material to be uploaded does not exceed 6.5 Mb.
  3. Please compress all your files into a single zip file (other file formats cannot be uploaded).
  4. We recommend that you use an email ID that will remain active even after you leave Radboud and hence NOT @student.ru.nl.
  5. Keep in mind the deadlines as mentioned on the site. Any submissions sent after the deadline will be automatically considered for the next issue, unless we contact you with other information.


In case that the submission fails to submit (you will see an error page after pressing the button), please send your submission with the answers to the form to nijmegencns(at)gmail.com and CC cns(at)cns.ru.nl.

(It might be sensible to copy your written text answers above to an editor so you do not loose your info when the submission fails)