PON Board Vacancies

PON Board Vacancies

We are always looking for new Board Members to support our exciting initiatives! Would you like to help your fellow PhDs? This is your chance!

Current Vacancies

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Are you an enthusiastic PhD candidate that wants to improve the life of your fellow PhDs? Are you interested in making a real difference at Radboud for your fellow PhDs, improving our PhD community, and developing ideas for the future at Radboud and beyond? Then we are looking for you, contact PON today! You can be in any year of your PhD, from any faculty/research institute - we represent them all, and we want to hear your voice!

What PON can offer you:

The PON board meets once every two weeks, and usually we go for a drink afterwards. As a board member, you can join us on all our events, sometimes at a discount/for free, and enjoy the PON social life of board dinners and drinks! But most importantly, you will get a chance to make a lasting impact on the Radboud PhD community and get to know more about how universities work, not only in Nijmegen but all over The Netherlands!

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Email us: pon@ru.nl

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