PhD Representatives

PON is also involved with PhD networks on a national and international level.

In case you have any issues that are of interest for all (UMC) PhDs, contact us and we can address it at a national level.



The PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN) is the national organization that represents the interests of PhD candidates who work at one of the 14 Dutch universities, at one of the 8 University Medical Centers or, at one of the 5 research centers.

The main objective of PNN is to safeguard the interests of all PhD candidates, regardless of whether they are employed at a Dutch University, a University Medical Center, or otherwise engaged with PhD research.

LOUP (Landelijk Overleg voor UMC Promovendi/National Organization for UMC PhD's)

LOUP is a committee of PhD candidates Network of the Netherlands (PNN). It was established in 2015 in times of the changes regulations of the BIG register. The organization represents all UMC PhD (both AIO and OIO) candidates from the eight UMCs in the Netherlands. Ideally two PhD candidates are involved from every UMC.

The organization acts as a discussion partner and advisory body for national stakeholders, such as the Ministry of Health and the Federation of Medical specialists. In addition, we try to jointly address issues that apply to the Dutch UMCs and which benefit from cooperation at national level. Last but not least, the committee is a place to exchange experiences and issues that are relevant for all eight UMCs.


EURODOC is the European Council of Doctoral Candidates and Junior Researchers. It is an international federation of 34 national organisations of PhD candidates, and more generally of young researchers from 33 countries of the European Union and the Council of Europe.

EURODOC's objectives are:

  • To represent doctoral candidates and junior researchers at the European level in matters of education, research, and professional development of their careers.
  • To advance the quality of doctoral programmes and the standards of research activity in Europe.
  • To promote the circulation of information on issues regarding young researchers; organize events, take part in debates and assist in the elaboration of policies about Higher Education and Research in Europe.
  • To establish and promote co-operation between national associations representing doctoral candidates and junior researchers within Europe.

EURODOC was founded in Girona (Spain) on 02/02/02. Since 2005, Eurodoc has been headquartered in Brussels, Belgium.