Scientific Integrity

As part of your PhD, you will probably be required to attend a workshop on Scientific Integrity. These are often run by the Graduate Schools. If your graduate school does not run one, you are welcome to contact another school with such a course and take it there.

Given the importance of this topic, the university is currently actively working to improve resources and support to all of its staff, including PhDs. Besides offering courses, the university also has several confidential advisors you can contact if you have any concerns about practices you observe.

For more information about confidential advisors and the university’s official regulations concerning scientific integrity, see the following links:

Radboud Academic Integrity

The Netherlands Code of Conduct for Scientific Practice

Some faculties or graduate schools also have their own confidential advisors for Scientific Integrity. The details of these can be found on the websites of the faculties and graduate schools. If you have difficulty finding such information, you can either contact your faculty or graduate school directly, or if you prefer, you can contact the university advisors (found through the first link above) who can either direct you to the proper person or help you themselves.

Radboudumc employees can go here for more information about Scientific Integrity.