PhD Day

Every year, PON organizes the PhD Day for all Radboud PhD candidates. This is a fun and useful day full with interesting keynote speakers and in-depth workshops.

The road to a successful PhD can be bumpy. Staying motivated through the many obstacles is not an easy task. Thankfully you do not have to do it all alone! PON organizes its annual PhD day to help you navigate the challenges and arm yourself with useful skills.

On the PhD there is a printing market with different companies where you can print your PhD thesis. After the PhD day you can end the day with the PON Pubquiz.

PhD Day 2022

Keynote speaker:

Jennifer Polk, PhD - From PhD to Life: How to your career path and translate your degree into a job you'll love

Panel discussion:

PON & Halkes - Women in academia: Career paths and experiences


Phillip Gramlich - Making impact as a scientist (Science communication)

Harriët Reker - Your transferable skills, energy-givers, and values: making career decisions that work for you.

Charlotte de Blecourt, PhD candidate - Career Development Options in the Netherlands

Ed Koster - Creating Impact with Your Research

You can find the full program and descriptions here (pdf, 867 kB).

PhD Day 2020 (Online edition)

Keynote speaker:

Dr. Frank Kupper - Science Communication

Open up science communication

We live in complex and uncertain times. Boundaries between science and society are blurring and digitalization revolutionized the media. This lecture will show you how to communicate about science in this new landscape. By opening up.


- Scientific Journalism - Linda Duits

Opportunities in (online) science journalism

Insights from PhD projects are also of interest to audiences beyond the circle of academics. Many scholars actively strike up and participate in societal debates, adding unique and informed perspectives to public discussions. Possibilities are endless: contributing to op-ed sections of newspapers, becoming an expert in the media or by-passing conventional gatekeepers altogether via your own (group) blog. All hold the potential of reaching vast audiences. But how does one approach this? And can you make a living out of it?

- Social Media for Scientists - Mark Dingemanse

Being visible: crafting an online presence as an early career researcher

Science, and especially publicly funded science, should be open for all. Developing an online presence is one way to make sure that people can find you, learn about your work, and get insight into how you do science. This workshop offers early career researchers some ways to navigate the bewildering space of possibilities for being visible online, from Twitter to Google Scholar and from blogs to professional sites. The aim is to help you find ways of being a scientist online that fit you. You don't need to be a hyperactive cross-media influencer with an inflated K-index (unless you want to); but you will likely benefit from having more than a hermit-like institutional homepage. Being media mindful and building an online presence are integral parts of being an open scientist.

PhD Day 2019

Keynote speakers:

- Hanneke den Ouden is an assistant professor at the Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour. In 2018 she received the Radboud Science Award for her research on automatic decision-making. She is also interested in how our motivation can affect our actions and choices. She will talk about her own career path and how she stayed motivated to achieve her goals.

- Matthijs Kox is an assistant professor at the Intensive Care department of the Radboud UMC. In January he was elected supervisor of the year at the RIMLS. He initiated pioneering studies into voluntary modulation of the sympathetic nervous system and immune response, in which motivation plays a pivotal role. During his talk, Dr. Kox will take you on a journey on this still ongoing unique project.


- Uncovering the true professional value of your PhD - Chiat Cheong

- Science to Business (S2B) workshop - Mercator Launch

- What is your inner motivation? - DPO

- Make the best of your transferable skills - FNWI Career service

Thesis Printing Market:

Meet the representatives of several printing companies and graphic designers.