The Team

The PON Board

PON is run by PhD candidates from the Radboud University and the Radboudumc. The board is split into different committees and each committee ideally consists out of 2-5 board members. We aim to have a good division between RU and UMC PhDs. PON meets biweekly with the entire board.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee exists out of the chair, vice-chair, secretary, and treasurer. They oversee the financial and strategic planning as a whole. Next to this they establish general policies, keep track of ingoing and outgoing correspondence, and correspond with the PhD councils, PNN, and the Board of Directors.

Policy & Regulations Committee

The policy and regulations committee is up to date with all policies and regulations around campus. Are you running into issues and need help? Please contact us at! Our experts can guide you and/or refer you. Next to this we are also proactively trying to introduce policy beneficial to PhD candidates and give our opinion about changes in the PhD regulations.

Communications & PR Committee

The Communication and PR committee is responsible for social media, external PR, this website, and the newsletter. If you have any news, a good meme, an event to promote towards PhD candidates, please let us know by sending an email to

Social Activities Committee

The social activities committee organizes biweekly and monthly social events for all PhDs in Nijmegen. Think of the pubquiz, board game nights, and the annual PhD gala. Get to know your fellow PhDs in an informal settings and join one of our many events!

Educational Activities Committee

The educational activities committee organizes monthly workshops and seminars such as the annual PhD day, thesis printing workshops, and the "No Stress November" events. They are doing their best to improve your skills and excite you with knowledgeable events.