Radboud University provides several services to help PhDs who are struggling in with their work/life balance.

Occupational Social Work
When you're experiencing a lot of stress or dealing with other problems that may influence your work, you can contact the department of Occupational Social Work (AMD). You can go there to just talk or participate in coaching sessions. All coaching services provided by Occupational Social work are paid for by the University and do not require the involvement of your department. These services are available in both Dutch and English.

You can find them at the Philips van Leydenlaan 25 (Dentistry building) route 351 or contact them via email at helpdeskamd@radboudumc.nl

Coaching and career counseling
Radboud University encourages staff members to develop and to reach their full potential. The supervisor will regularly talk to the staff member about this, such as during the annual appraisal interview. What knowledge and skills can be supplemented and further developed? It is often difficult to determine whether a course or educational program is useful, and which format, specific trainer, or internal or external educational provider is most suitable. The supervisor and staff member can consult with the personnel advisor or request a program recommendation from the Expertise Centre Development (EXPO). They can provide individualized counseling throughout you're PhD project. You can read more about the options here.

Buddy Programme

Radboud's Buddy Programme seeks to facilitate an easy transition for new incoming staff into life in the Netherlands. By being a social point of reference, a buddy plays a key role in helping a newcomer feel at home and welcomed into our community. The buddy may invite the new colleague for coffee, show them around town and introduce them to Nijmegen's social and cultural facilities among others.

All interested (PhD and Postdoc)-researchers as well as all other academic and non-academic staff at Radboud University and Radboudumc can register to receive a buddy as newcomer or volunteer to be a buddy to incoming staff. Both internationals as Dutch nationals are welcome to sign up. Buddies will be connected to a newcomer for a period of three months but are of course free to stay in touch after. Besides the various social events already on offer, special social events will be organized for buddy couples by International Staff Support.

Interested? For more info and signup, check out the website