Radboud University faculties, research centers and PhD councils

The Radboud University Nijmegen is divided into a number of faculties. Within these faculties, several research institutes were founded to unite groups dealing with similar study subjects and research areas. Most research institutes have a PhD Council to represent their PhD candidates, advice in policy and organise seminars, courses and social and educational activities.

For an overview of the organisational structure, click here (pdf, 336 kB).


PhD councils

Faculty of Philosophy, Theology and Religious Studies

Promovendi Overleg Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen (POFTR)

Faculty of Arts

Promovendi Overleg Letteren (POL)

Faculty of Law

PhD Network

Nijmegen School of Management

IMR PhD Network

Faculty of Social Sciences

PhD Platform - BSI PhD Council

Faculty of Science


Donders Institute PhD Council

RIBES PhD Council

Faculty of Medical Sciences

RIMLS PhD Council

RIHS PhD Council

Donders Institute PhD Council

The three graduate schools merged on 1 January 2023 into the Radboudumc Graduate School.