What is the PhD Organisation Nijmegen (PON)?

PON is an independent organisation that advocates the best interests of all PhD candidates in Nijmegen. PON is run by PhD candidates and has an advisory role with regard to the Radboud University (RU) and Radboudumc (RUMC) board of directors.

PON is involved in:

  • Unifying and connecting all PhD candidates.
  • Exchanging information between PhD candidates, PhD representatives from all faculties and the RU and RUMC works councils.
  • Informing PhD candidates about relevant topics.
  • Promoting internationalisation of RU and RUMC events, services and websites.
  • Promoting the wellbeing of PhD candidates.

But also in:

  • Organising educational activities such as the annual PhD Day and different workshops that can benefit candidates during their PhD trajectory.
  • Organising social activities, such as the yearly PhD Gala, tours through Nijmegen, drinks on and off campus, barbecues, bowling, pancake tours, beer tasting and many more.

In recent years, PON’s involvement concerning PhD candidates at Radboud
University (RU) and Radboud UMC (RUMC) has increased. This is evident both
in terms of facilitation of social and educational activities, as well as engagement
in development of policy that is believed to serve the best interest of all PhD
candidates. By establishing a policy plan, PON hopes to offer a clear outline of its goals and ongoing work, as well as its unique position in the Radboud environment. The policy plan can be downloaded here. (pdf, 184 kB)

PON has excellent relations with PhD representatives in the RU works council and the RUMC council, and has a very large number of collaborators in and outside of the university and the hospital.

Finally, PON is involved in national representation of Nijmegen PhD candidates through the Promovendi Netwerk Nederland (PNN).

For the official Radboud University website for PhD candidates, go here.