1. Is PON is the same as a PhD Council?

PON is different from the PhD Councils because we focus on the overall interests among PhD candidates of Radboud University and Radboudumc. PhD Councils, however, work on interests specific for a subgroup of PhD candidates (namely within a Research Institute). While PhD Councils organise seminars/courses/acivities and inform PhD candidates about specific regulations within their Research Institute, PON provides information and organises activities that cover the interests and needs of all PhD candidates of Nijmegen. Furthermore, PON has the ability to advice the Board of Directors of the Radboud University concerning PhD policy through representatives in the Works Council.

2. Is PON is only for foreign PhD candidates?

Although PON provides information for PhD candidates in English, this is just a choice of convenience and does not mean that PON is meant for foreign PhD candidates only. We organise educational and social activities for áll PhD candidates, whether you are foreign or not, whether you are an internal or external PhD candidate. Everybody is welcome to join our activities and of course we hope to see you soon at one of our activities!

3. Is PON only working on policy matters?

Although PON was founded to work on policy matters (which are sometimes seen as 'boring'), the number of social ánd educational activities have increased during the last years. PON wants to expand the activities for PhD candidates even more.