Programme coordinators

Each programme has contacts at, and contracts with universities abroad. These contacts can be used by students and employees to go abroad for a while to study or for internships. Want to know about the international contacts of your programme? Please, contact the internationalization coordinator of your programme.

Program Contact person
Artificial Intelligence

dr. Paul Hömke

Communication Science

Contactperson for students:
dr. Carlo Hagemann

Chairperson Internationalisation Committee:
dr. Serena Daalmans

Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies

drs. Eefje Derix

Gender studies

drs. Garjan Sterk

Pedagogical and Educational Science

Contact person for students: 
Elske Gros, MA

Chairperson Internationalisation Committee:
dr. Henny van der Meijden

Psychology Julia Pick, MSc

drs. Charlot Sanders