How to find an internship?

Students are expected to find their internship positions by themselves. You can, for example, use your own network by lobbying via teachers, other students, friends, and family. Another option is to contact companies and send them your application for an open or a posted vacancy. Moreover, organizations such as AIESEC can mediate in international internship positions.

If you want to do a research internship abroad, you can try to contact researchers and teachers in your department or the departmental international coordinator as they might have connections with researchers abroad, who might also have interesting internship positions to offer.

You can also send a detailed research plan to a researcher who specializes in that field, with the question if an internship is possible.

Please note that if you want to get credits or recognition on your diploma for your research internship, you should contact the departmental internship coordinator first.

Interesting websites for finding internships: