Why going abroad?

Studying abroad or doing an internship abroad for a while is an unforgettable experience. Not only is it an exciting adventure, but it is also great for your CV as well as your personal development.

A new perspective on your field of study
Of course, going abroad is very exciting. It is also very rewarding, however. It is a unique opportunity that enables you to look at the other side of the academic world, take courses that aren’t available here, and broadens your perspective on your field of study. As a bonus, you will also expand your knowledge about another culture and language considerably.

A great resume (CV) boost
Students with international experience are favoured by employers. They have shown that they are capable of dealing with the unknown, are adaptable, and that they are versatile. An employer will therefore regard students with international experience as interesting candidates. Going abroad will thus also mean working in your future.

Personal enrichment
A stay abroad is a lot of fun. Nearly all students return to Nijmegen with a large smile on their face. They will have met many interesting people and made new friends. After many years, a lot of students are even still in touch with the people they met during their stay abroad.

The International Office of the Faculty of Social Sciences (IOSS) has numerous international partners and we can support you with planning a stay abroad.