Step 4. Nomination, grants and registration at the university abroad

After being selected for an exchange you will be nominated at the university abroad. This means that we will inform that university that we have selected you for an exchange with them. The university will send you an information email with info regarding registering at the university, how to select courses, housing, and -if relevant- visa procedures.

You will also receive a link to request the relevant grant for your destination.


  • You will receive the link to register for the grant somewhere in April. However, it is best to wait with registering after you have received the information email from the university abroad.
  • Depending on the contract and the semester you will be going on an exchange, you will be nominated in April/May or in September/November. The information e-mail from your host university will generally be sent in the semester before your exchange starts.

Registration at the university abroad.

(This information is only relevant after you were selected and nominated at the host university)

To register at the host university you probably need the following:

  • Learning Agreement: you will receive a learning agreement from Erasmus+/Holland Scholarship/Individual Travel Grant after you filled out the link to register for the grant. This link was sent to you around April. Can’t find it anymore? First, check if you have already registered. If not, please contact Erasmus+ ( or Holland Scholarship/ ITG (
  • Transcript of Records (can also be called: Grade list, Transcript of Grades). This is a list of the courses you took here at the RU and the grades you received. You can request such an overview on this STIP-page.
  • Proof of English: you receive an Exchange Selection Letter from us that proves your English is good enough for an exchange. This will be sent around the same time you will be nominated.