Step 1. When?

Each Bachelor's programme has a ‘mobility window’: a period during which it is possible to go abroad without experiencing a delay in your studies.

Mobility window AI: the first semester of the 3rd year. If you prefer to go in the second semester and the semester abroad starts before February, carefully check the feasibility with your student advisor.

Mobility window CAOS: first semester of the 3rd year.

PWPO and ALPO don’t have a mobility window, so you cannot go abroad for studies without a study delay. ALPO students however can do an internship abroad. For more info about this please get in touch with your student advisor.

Mobility window of all other Bachelor's programmes: the second semester of the 3rd year.

If you do your Bachelor's in 4 years, it might be better to go in another semester than the mobility window. Decide with the programme coordinator (see below) what semester would be best for you.

You have to meet certain conditions before you are allowed to go on exchange and for some programmes additional information is relevant (see below):

B1 + B2 completed before start of academic year in which you want to study abroad. In case of study delay, contact student advisor to explore your options.

Exchange alleen mogelijk in B3 of later. Studenten moeten voor een planning contact opnemen met de studieadviseur, die adviseert op basis van de studievoortgang.

Exchange mogelijk in B3 of later. Bij vertraagde studievoortgang neem je contact op met de studieadviseur waarmee je overlegt wanneer je naar het buitenland zou kunnen.

Alle verplichte vakken van B1 en B2 afgerond, of met toestemming van de opleiding.

Only in B3 or later. All courses of B1 must have been completed by 31 August (last August prior to your exchange).
--> However: to graduate in 3 years time, you need to have B1 & B2 completed by 31 August.

Exchange alleen mogelijk in B3 of later. Geen aanvullende voorwaarden.

The Master's programmes don’t have a ‘mobility window’, but it is also possible to go abroad during the Master's phase, to do an internship, or to do research for your thesis. You can also choose to take extra courses abroad.

Ask the coordinator of your programme about the exact possibilities during your Bachelor's and Master's.