Internship and Erasmus+ grant after graduation

  • You are entitled to one year of Erasmus+ grant during your bachelor’s and one year during your master’s. You can use all months that have not yet been used up. However, you cannot use unused bachelor-months if you are a master’s student.
  • Your internship must be arranged before graduation and the Erasmus procedure must also be arranged before graduation. Arranging an internship can take a long time.  Completing the Erasmus procedure takes about two weeks to a month on average.
  • Your internship does not have to start immediately after graduation. You can start up to 10 months after graduation.
  • Your right to Erasmus+ expires 1 year after graduation, even if not all months have been used.

Otherwise, the same Erasmus+ rules apply as for internship during the study.

You can also have a look at the website of the International Office. For the English page, you can use this link and for the Dutch page you can use this link