Step 2. Orientation

It might be useful to look at your possibilities at an early stage, preferably about a year and a half to a year before the expected date of departure. Think of where you want to go:

  • What courses you would like to take abroad?
  • Do you want to go inside or outside Europe (close to home, or as far away as possible?)
  • Do you want to go to a university with a high ranking or is a trendy or beachy destination more your style?
  • Do you prefer big cities or more cozy smaller cities?
  • And don’t forget to think about the climate! Some of our destinations can be very, very cold and others can be stiflingly hot.

We have contracts with European universities and with non-European universities.

Free mover
Do you want to go to a university we don’t have a contract with? This is sometimes possible, often as a free mover. Please contact your preferred university for application details. As a free mover you will have to arrange everything yourself, but please always register in Osiris as a free mover. In that case, we can give you a grant.

Student testimonials
On this page, you can read about the experiences of students who went on exchange in previous years. They may serve as an inspiration or can be used to get some tips and tricks. Furthermore, they give you an idea about a specific university, a city, or student life.

Would you like additional information? Several students have left their email addresses, so you can contact them yourselves. If they are not displayed, come to our office or email us. We are glad to help.

Radboud Go Abroad week
Every October the Radboud Go Abroad Week takes place. During this week you can visit several presentations regarding studying and internships abroad. There is one with information specific for your programme and several more general ones. You can find more information on our Radboud Go Abroad pages in Dutch and English.