Step 5. After your stay (Grants, Grades and Credits)

About a month before you leave you will receive info on what to do to wrap up your grant application. We will use the end date you mention on your grant papers, so be careful with that date. Don’t list 31 August when 15 July is more likely.

The host university will give you an overview of your grades and credits. This is called a Transcript of Records (ToR). Make sure the host university sends this ToR directly to We will make sure that your grades will appear in Osiris.

You can find more information on the conversion of grades and credits on these pages in Nederlands and English. The conversion tools are guidelines only and therefore no rights can be derived from this information.

Note: CW-students need to send additional info to get their grades registered. Please look at the CW STIP-site or contact Carlo Hagemann for more info.