You can do an internship or research project in the Netherlands, but you can also choose to do the same at an international organization.

Internships are possible at all universities (so not only at partner universities), companies, and NGOs. An internship abroad can be of added value for your study, your resume (CV), and your future.

An internship or project abroad offers you a unique experience as you will learn how to work with people from different cultural backgrounds. This means that you will sometimes have to adapt to work ethics, customs, and habits different from those we are used to in the Netherlands, which will probably allow you to be more flexible in your future workplace. Foreign companies often request you to speak the native language or English. As such, your knowledge of languages will be boosted by your stay abroad. But, above all, it is a fun experience in which you will often create new contacts and make new friends.

Your study programme has to agree to the internship, which is why it is advisable to consult an internship coordinator or the student advisor.
The International Office Social Sciences does not mediate the international internship positions, but we will take care that you will receive the right grant for your internship abroad.