Step 3. Registering for an exchange

The minimum requirement for going on an exchange is that you have completed your first year. Each programme might have additional requirements. For more info regarding this, go to When?.


  • If you meet the conditions you can register in Osiris for an exchange. Go to 'Buitenland' or 'Stay Abroad' and click 'New Request' to start registration.
  • You have to select at least 2 and a maximum of 4 destinations where you want to go. Important: you cannot combine the Outside of Europe destinations and Europe destinations in one request! If you are not selected for Outside of Europe, you can try again for European destinations.
  • Upload a motivation letter explaining why we should select you for an exchange to your first destination in case there are more applicants than available spots. Mainly use academic reasons and give it a personal twist. You must show us that you did your homework and know what the university has to offer, but don’t just list courses you want to take. Put the focus on your first choice. The maximum number of words is 350. Yes, this is enough to write a brilliant motivation letter.
  • Please name your motivation letter using this format: student number - motivation name University (e.g. S1234567 - motivation Osnabrück University).
  • Please start your motivation letter with your student number - motivation name University (for example S1234567 - Osnabrück University). This won't be counted for the maximum of 350 words.

Registration deadlines:

Deadlines for Semester 1 and Semester 2
Outside Europe (including Russia) 15 January
Europe (including Turkey) 28 February

You will get notified about your non-European placement around 5 February. If you are not selected you can try again for European destinations.

Here you can find the presentation on how to register for an exchange of last December.

Please note: registering is not without obligation!
When you are selected for an exchange you can only cancel if you have a very good reason to do so. So if you are not sure you want to on an exchange, wait until after the deadlines. A lot of interesting destinations will still be available and if you decide not to go it is also possible to cancel because of not-so-good reasons.