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Things to do before you leave

Your study exchange is coming to an end! There are a couple of things you need to finalize before you return home. Carefully read about your learning agreement, certificate of stay, transcript of records and other general issues you need to take care of before you leave.

Learning Agreements / Change Forms

Your NSM Transcript of Records should be consistent with the courses stated on your learning agreement/change forms. If this is not the case, it will not show on your transcript and you will not get credits for those courses. Even if you attended the classes. Deleting a course is never a problem, adding courses at this point in time, is no longer possible unless you have a teacher’s written confirmation that you have attended the class from the start.

Certificate of Stay / Departure forms

Check with your home university whether there are any specific forms you need to submit at the end of your exchange, for which you need our signature/stamp. Every university has its own rules and requirements. For instance, does your university need you to bring back a confirmation of stay document? (you’ll have to download that from your own university’s website). If so, send the document to us by e-mail (or make an appointment) a few days before you leave as we are not allowed to sign more than a week in advance. Please make sure you fill in the form before you send or bring it to our office (name, arrival date, departure date, and so on).

Transcript of Records

In order to receive your Transcript of Records you have to submit an online request form. After we have received this online request form, we will process your transcript. It will be either be sent to you directly or, to your home university (depending on what you indicate).

Failed courses will not be included in the transcript unless you specifically indicate this on the form. If Osiris states “ONV” for a course this means you have failed the course but no grade could be entered. If you need a grade for such a course we will enter a 1 as grade.

General issues

It is compulsory to inform the Stadswinkel (the City Hall) in person or by e-mail or letter that you are leaving Nijmegen. Radboud International will make sure that students who live in a SSH& room are deregistered. Students living in other rooms have to do this themselves.