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Application for study exchange

In order to apply for a study exchange you need to meet the requirements and you need to prepare a few documents. You can check the 10-step plan to see where to start. Once you have finalized this 'preparation stage', you can start your application procedure in Osiris. Please read each step carefully! Within four weeks after the application deadline, we will inform you which university you have been selected for.

Please note the following:
Your 1st choice is leading with regard to the deadlines.
If your 1st choice is a European destination, the deadline is 29 February. Should you want to list a non-European destination as your 2nd, 3rd and/or 4th choice, the IMO will not review these until after the deadline of 29 February. Your 2nd, 3rd or 4th choice may not be available anymore after 29 February (either because there are no places left as the deadline was 14 January or because the deadline for application at the host university has passed already).
If all four of your choices are not possible, IMO will contact you to discuss other options. We can always find a place to go if you have an open mind!

What to prepare before application
Application Process in Osiris
Selection and Nomination