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Application in Osiris

Once you have made your top 4 and finished all the preparations necessary before you start the application procedure, you can apply for your study exchange in Osiris. Read all the following steps carefully to prevent any mistakes!

Step 1: Create a new request

While you are working on your request, you can save changes at any time and continue at a later moment.  All information must be filled in before submitting, otherwise your request cannot be processed and IMO cannot nominate you.

  • Go to Osiris and log in with your student number and password
  • Go to tab ‘Stay Abroad’ and create a ‘new request’.
  • Fill out the form:
    • Select type of international mobility: ‘Study Abroad’
    • If you want to study abroad during your current degree please indicate this by choosing ‘Request for ‘Current degree’ and select in ‘Degree programme’ the study program you are currently enrolled in. If you are still a Bachelor student but you are planning on going abroad during your Master, please select 'Future degree programme'. If you will be studying at another faculty during your exchange you cannot apply via our faculty, the Nijmegen School of Management.
    • Fill out the dates of your stay abroad. The dates can be selected using the loop icon.  If you don’t know the dates yet, use the semester dates of Radboud University:
             1st Semester 2023-2024: 01-09-2023 – 31-01-2024
             2nd Semester 2023-2024: 01-02-2024 – 30-06-2024
    • Choose your destination(s) by selecting the country you want to go to and the city where the university is located. Then, select the desired university. Bear in mind that you have to selected at least 2 universities, and a maximum of 4.
    • NOTE: the dropdown menu shows ALL contracts Radboud University has. You can only apply for universities that have a bilateral agreement with the Nijmegen School of Management.

Step 2: Process your request

You now see a new window where you can continue with your application:

  • Select which semester you want to study abroad
  • Fill out the language of instruction at the host university (first choice only)
  • Declare that you will have obtained 60 ECTS in your current program (that is, you’ll have been admitted to your second year) by the time you go abroad.
  • Fill out the amount of credits you intent to obtain. Presumably you should get 30 ECTS, the same amount you obtain in one semester at Radboud University.
  • Indicate if your application applies to your current study or if it applies to your future study at our university.
  • Fill out whether you want to sublet your room through Radboud International during your stay abroad.
  • Click ‘continue’ or ‘save’ to continue later
  • Upload the following documents:
    • Motivation Letter
    • Proof of English
    • Overview expected expenses

Step 3: Submit your request and follow-up

  • After submission, you cannot make changes!  If all fields are filled in correctly, click ‘submit’ to send your application. If unforeseen and absolutely necessary changes come up after submission, please contact the IMO.
  • You should receive a confirmation email shortly after submitting your application. You will hear from us as soon as possible after the nomination process has started – that is after the application deadlines. Please be patient and wait until we contact you.
  • You will receive the nomination email within four weeks after the latest deadline. Be aware that depending on the destination, the nomination can either be done by the IMO or by Student Life and International Mobility (SLIM) so be sure to carefully read your emails and to follow instructions you may receive form either of our offices. After you receive the nomination email, you can check in Osiris which university you have been nominated for.
  • The host university will then contact you and guide you through their application and registration procedure (this might take a while depending on the semester!).

If, for some reason, you have not been nominated at one of our partner universities, you will get a rejection email. If you still want to go abroad, please contact us as soon as possible (imo@fm.ru.nl), so that we can help you find the best options for you.