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Get to know Nijmegen!

Radboud University is located in the oldest city in the Netherlands; Nijmegen. The city has a history that dates back to ancient times; it was founded by the Roman Empire, who named it Noviomagus or New Market. Today, it has some 177,300 inhabitants (as of 2021) and is a safe and friendly place with a rich social and cultural life. Read about the costs and experiences of living in Nijmegen!

Costs of living in Nijmegen

Depending on your country of origin, you may experience the Netherlands as a somewhat expensive country. Since everyone's spending habits and lifestyles are different, it is hard to predict exactly how much money you will need exactly, but you should make an estimation of how much it will cost to not only study (e.g. to buy study materials), but also for accommodation and of course to enjoy yourself, the city, and the country.

Here you can find more information about the costs of living in the Netherlands, and details on student budget and expenses.

A green and cultural city

Situated close to the German border, Nijmegen lies on the banks of the River Waal, the main branch of the Rhine. A recent survey found that local people regard students as enriching their city and find them friendly and lively. The students themselves appreciate the green surroundings and the many opportunities that the city offers for relaxation and entertainment.

Whether the reason for your stay in Nijmegen is to study, to work, or to perform research at the university, there is a lot more to the city of Nijmegen than just the university. There are plenty of things you can do to enjoy yourself in your free time. Whether you prefer shopping, going to a museum or a movie, heading to a festival, or enjoying the great outdoors, it is all possible in this city.