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Course selection and changing courses

On this page you can find information about selecting your courses at your guest university and how to change your courses during your exchange.

Course selection

Please check the course list of the university you want to go to for interesting courses and discuss these with your study advisor. If you want to substitute NSM courses with courses that you plan to study at the host university (and obtain credits), you will need to ensure that the courses are sufficiently in-depth and have a comparable weight. Your study advisor can advise on that; however, the examining board will have to approve the replacement(s). You will have to submit a request for approval with the examining board of your study programme. Please list the approved courses on a Learning Agreement and have this signed by your study advisor.

Changing courses

If you want to delete or add courses please complete a Change Form and have this signed by your host university. Then send a scan copy to your study advisor at NSM and he/she will make sure it will be reviewed and signed.