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Visa, insurance, accommodation etc.

There are a couple of matters IMO cannot assist you with, and that you have to arrange yourself. These matters include visa application (if necessary), accommodation abroad, insurances, and other relevant documents. We can, however, provide you with a couple of tips, which you can find below.


Depending on the country of destination and your duration of stay, you may need to apply for a visa. This is something you have to check yourself. You can find information on this matter on the website WilWeg.nl (Dutch only).


Make sure your (health) insurance is valid in the host country! Check this carefully as a valid insurance may be required for your Visa to be issued. You can check this information on WilWeg.nl (Dutch only) and through Radboud University's insurance scan.

You could also contact Radboud International or your host university for more information.

Accommodation Abroad

Check with your host university if they arrange accommodation for you, what the deadlines are, and what the requirements are. If they don’t provide it, how else can they help you?

Another possibility is to check testimonials of students that have done an exchange at the same university you will be going to.  We could also bring you in contact with them.

What to do with your room in Nijmegen during your stay abroad? Radboud International can help to sublet your room while you’re away!

Other useful tips before departure

Radboud International can provide you with more useful matters that you should take into account before departure. For example, travel safety guidelines and public transport allowance. Read the following page carefully.