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An internship after graduation

The Erasmus+ programme also offers the option of doing an internship abroad after your graduation, for a maximum of 1 year. This is a great step towards an international career because it allows you to gain international work experience, and since you have graduated, maybe it will turn into a real first job!


  1. Apply for this grant in your last year of study, before you graduate!
  2. The internship should be for a minimum of two and a maximum of twelve months (depending on the start date as it should take place within a year after graduation).
  3. The internship must take place within the EU/EEA area.
  4. The internship must be full time, meaning at least 35 hours per week.
  5. If you have already received an Erasmus grant before then you can receive this grant for a period of twelve months minus the number of months you have previously already received a grant for.


1. Create a new request.
Log in on OSIRIS, go to Stay Abroad and click on New request.  Fill out the form:

  • Select type of international mobility: ‘Internship Abroad’

  • Select in ‘Request for ‘Current degree’ and select in ‘Degree programme’ the study you are currently enrolled in

  • Fill out the dates of your stay abroad. The dates can be selected using the loop icon.

2. Upload, if available, the letter of acceptance from the host organisation.

3. Complete a Learning Agreement for Traineeships before you graduate. Your study advisor should sign this agreement, to confirm that your internship is in line with what you have studied here.

4. Submit the signed Learning Agreement for Traineeships at IMO (or if possible upload this in Osiris (see Uploads).

5. IMO will process your request in Osiris and will make sure the Central International Office will continue the process.

6. Finalize your graduation.

7. The Central International Erasmus Office will process your documents and will contact you about the Erasmus+ Grant. From that point onwards all communication about the internship and the grant will be between you and the Central International Office.