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Grant eligibility and application procedure internship abroad

Did you find an internship provider abroad? Ten you may be eligible for a grant! Read all the necessary information about your eligibility for a grant, and how to apply for one!

Grant Eligibility

If you are going to do an internship abroad, you may be eligible for an Erasmus+ or Individual Travel grant. Check the following page to see if you meet the requirements to apply for these grants.

If you meet the requirements, you can start with the application process. We will subsequently assess for which grant you are eligible.

NOTE: Please note that Pre-Master students are not eligible for the International Travel Grant for internships. Pre-Master students are only eligible for the Erasmus+ grant if they fulfil the following criteria: 1) The student is attending a full-time Pre-Master programme (not part-time) in the year that the student wants to go abroad. The student has to be enrolled for 60 ECTS for that academic year. 2) The student is paying either the statutory or the institutional tuition fee (paying a fee per course credit does not count as one of these options).

Grant application procedure internship abroad

1. Create a new request

Log in on OSIRIS, go to Stay Abroad and click on 'New request'.  Fill out the form:

  • Select type of international mobility: ‘Internship Abroad’
  • Select in ‘Request for ‘Current degree’ and select in ‘Degree programme’ the study you are currently enrolled in
  • Fill out the dates of your stay abroad. The dates can be selected using the loop icon.  If you don’t know the dates yet, use the semester dates of Radboud University:
           1st Semester: 01 September – 31 January
           2nd Semester: 01 February – 15 July

2. Information

Fill in the information form on OSIRIS

3. Uploads

Upload, if available, the letter of acceptance from the host organisation

4. Submit the request for internship Abroad

IMO will then process your request in Osiris and will make sure Radboud International will continue the process to get your grant.

5. Grant Agreement and Learning Agreement for Traineeships

Radboud International will send you a Grant Agreement which you need to sign. Furthermore you need to complete a Learning Agreement for Traineeships and have it signed by your study advisor (who also has to indicate the number of ECTS you will be obtaining) and by the host organisation. Submit both the Grant Agreement and the Learning Agreement for Traineeships at SLIM (Student Life and International Mobility).