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What to prepare for your application?

Once you have made a top 4 for your study abroad destinations, there are a couple of things you should prepare before starting your application process. First of all, you need to be completely sure that you meet all the requirements to go on an exchange. Secondly, you need to proof that your level of English is adequate. Thirdly, you need to write a motivation letter in order to go on an exchange. Make sure that you read this page carefully to prevent any mistakes or complications with your application procedure.

Do you meet all the requirements?

You have to be admitted to your 2nd year (bachelor) and have at least 60 credits by the time your exchange semester/year starts.

From NSM we would strongly recommend you to obtain at least 10-15 ECTS abroad.

NOTE: Pre-Master students are not allowed to go on exchange.

Language Requirements

Language requirements for Nijmegen School of Management

All NSM students who wish to go on exchange, have to provide proof of their English language proficiency at B2 CEFR level or higher. This can be done through:

  • Online Oxford Placement Test (OOPT) from Radboud in'to Languages (€30)
  • Cambridge Certificate (FCE/CAE)
  • Please note that an IB-certificate will not be accepted!

The English Proficiency certificate may not be older than 2 years (Cambridge Certificate 5 years).

Students following a fully English-taught track (programme title with -ENG) or an English master track do not have to provide an English Proficiency proof. However, they have to upload a Word Document in Osiris for their application, stating that they study in a full English track.

Language requirements partner university

The partner university may require other language proficiency documents than Nijmegen School of Management. Carefully check the website or in the fact sheet of your preferred partner university what the exact requirements are!

Expected expenses

A study exchange can be quite expensive. For that reason, you have to write an overview of the expected expenses and needed income of your first choice destination. An example of such an overview can be found here (docx, 294 kB).

Motivation Letter

The motivation letter should be addressed to the International Mobility Office and it should be written in English. You have to write a motivation letter for your first choice of university. The letter should be a maximum of 400 words:

  • Brief introductionwho are you, what do you study and where do you want to go abroad?
  • General motivation study abroad: what personal and academic advantages do you envisage by participating in a study abroad experience?)
  • Motivation first choicewhy do you want to go to this university? Name at least three courses you would like to follow and explain why you want to follow these courses. We would like to read that you have looked up information on your host university and that you know for what kind of university you are applying.