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University of Bristol

Bristol - United Kingdom

Available places: 6 (shared between Business and Economics) 
Level: Bachelor
Minimum required average grade (GPA): 7.0
Language of Instruction: English
University code: UK BRISTOL01

Additional comments:

  • 2nd semester starts beginning of January!
  • Course/credits: Students should take 60 Bristol credits (30 ECTS) per semester. If they have permission from NSM to take a slightly lighter workload, they can take a minimum of 50 credits per semester. They cannot take more than 60 credits for a single semester. It is not possible to audit or observe units (classes) without taking the unit for credit and taking all the associated assessments. Students must take at least 40 out of 60 credits in the host department each semester and there is guidance on How to choose your units.
  • Proof of English: Students from European exchange partners coming to Bristol for a single semester on a Standard Visitor Visa will be able to submit a certified letter of attestation from their home university confirming that they meet a B2 level of English in all areas including speaking, listening, reading and writing, in lieu of a formal English language certificate.

For more information, please consult the Fact Sheet and the website.


University website
Factsheet (pdf, 242 kB)
Study Abroad Guide 2024-2025 (pdf, 5,7 MB)
Economics study guide
Management study guide

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