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Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

Barcelona - Spain

Available places: (shared with Public Administration)

Level: Bachelor and Master
Language of instruction: English (B2), Spanish (B2) or Catalan
Course offer and course selection - Update 17 July 2023:
Ø  Offering a maximum of 30 ECTS per semester, among which 2 courses in English (12 ects) and 1 in Spanish (6 ects) are guaranteed per semester, and the rest of the courses in Catalan. The UAB can guarantee this quota, but always under availability (specific courses are not assigned on demand, as students have to make an application to select upon availability and spots are limited). 
Ø In addition, in order to have access to the courses, it is required a B2 certificate in the language of instruction of the subjects (English or Spanish, no Catalan certificate is required).
Ø Students must take at least a 50% of the total ECTS in our faculty (Political Science and Sociology), and should they need to take more courses, they can try to add them from other Faculties under availability during the first weeks of the academic year; and/or depending on the home university requirements, register in language or activities courses susceptible of offering credit recognition.

University code: E BARCELO02

Universitat Autónoma de Barcelona

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